korponayDr. Ilma Korponay-Szabo (MD, PhD) will contribute to the project with her
knowledge of Paediatric Gastroenterology, mucosal immunology and antibody
studies. She has a research experience in designing and developing serology
diagnostic tools for CD, and in the adaptation of such tools for clinical care,
screening and epidemiology studies. Her interest is focused on detecting early
signs of developing CD. She has contributed to several international and
multi-centre studies on CD. Ilma Korponay-Szabo is associated professor in
paediatrics also at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, and resposible for the
pediatric gastroenterology care in the Nord-Eastern Region of Hungary. She is
involved in the transglutaminase research team at Debrecen University,
which is Centre of Excellence in biochemistry. Since the enzyme
transglutaminase is a major player modifying gliadin and a prominent
autoantigen in CD, her knowledge in basic research on transglutaminase will
help to identify possible links between molecular biology, prevention and
future treatment of CD.

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