Dr. Anneli Ivarsson (MD, PhD)
is a specialist in Paediatrics, a Senior lecturer in epidemiology, and is also attached to the Research and Development Unit of the Västerbotten County Council. She will contribute her experience resulting from her integral and varying roles in multicentre population based epidemiological studies, her vast knowledge in public health sciences, and her general knowledge as a specialist in Paediatrics with a longstanding clinical and research interest in CD. Being responsible for the Swedish National incidence register of CD in children, and attached multicentre studies, she is well acquainted with handling large multicentre research databases. Exploring the unique Swedish epidemic of CD in a genetically stable population, and attributing part of the epidemic to changed infant feeding practices, has awakened the international research community to explore options for primary prevention of this lifelong and common disease. Her research findings have already led to revised national Swedish infant feeding recommendations.

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